Wyatt Gatling Drag Pipe Set Down Type Vツイン 品番 30-0735 V-TWIN (参考 14.96 )

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¥ 29,587 税込

商品コード: ted30-0735



Wyatt Gatling Drag Pipe Set Down Type
Black drag exhaust straight pipe set with down draft style has 1-3/4 outer diameter construction for rear application Bracket included that connects the 2 header pipes together does not mount to frame. Pipes feature 18mm oxygen sensor bungs and includes caps if required for non EFI models. Order baffles and flange gaskets separately. Baffle set may require cutting to desired length. A cross bracket connects the front and rear pipe together for added support. *NOTE: 2011-up application will require the separate purchase of V-Twin #32-6578 O2 sensor adapter plugs. *Note: UPS may

1986-UP XL
V-Twin (参考品番) 14.96
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